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The eel

One of my most used patterns. Black is G R E A T!!!!

EUR 61.69

Articulated Charred Slayer

Nice articulated action for pike

EUR 83.96

Articulated Homer

Nice articulated action for pike

EUR 66.55

Pop pike finder, Orange

This is a very good popper!

EUR 46.30

Articulated Hilo

A truly great pattern

EUR 67.23

Pikeeasy (4/0)

Easy and fast pikefly

EUR 37.66

The Molten Core pikefly

A great pike tube fly

EUR 26.86

The Eel pop

One of my most used patterns. Black is G R E A T!!!!

EUR 79.78

The frog pike popper

A great pike popper frog

EUR 36.71

The Pop Punker

One of my best popper patterns

EUR 61.83

EUR 58.18

The Black Hope

This fly have saved my day many times!

EUR 34.83

The Hilo

One of the best pike flies. Ever!

EUR 30.78

Black Hilo

A very good easy pike fly

EUR 23.35

Tube fly leader kit

A kit for making leaders for tubeflies

EUR 34.83

Speckled Valeur baitfish

A truly deadly pattern for pike

EUR 59.53

The bleeding bream

Great colours for pike

EUR 57.78

Kraken pike tubefly

A great pattern for most pike!

EUR 49.00

Purky pike tube fly

A good pattern for murky waters

EUR 53.05

The Hulk popper

A good pike popper pattern

EUR 27.54

Pop pike finder, Pink

A great popper in pink

EUR 39.83

Pike tube start kit

Get started with pike tube flytying

EUR 37.53

Pike wiggletail + rig complete

A starter kit for wiggletails and tube fly

EUR 53.86

Flashpike streamer

One of the most used pikeflies ever!

EUR 30.24

Bleeding Ultra Perch

Chartreuse is a great pike colour

EUR 70.60

The Bastard - Pink (4/0)

Pink is a great colour for pike!

EUR 49.00

Blane Choklett head fly

En bulky pike fly

EUR 61.83

The bonito

A pike/bluewater biggame fly

EUR 36.71

The Perch Easy

A great perch imitation

EUR 39.69

The Bastard pike fly - Chartreuse

A great pattern for pike

EUR 46.98

Geddeflue - The Bastard - Orange

The pike flies in the bastard series are great flies

EUR 63.18

The Rattlesnake

A great, easy and fast pattern

EUR 34.96 - Telephone +45 60920874 - E-mail - CVR 38511106
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