Cutters - Line Dressing - Ect.

Loon Klipper

Reliable Clipper

EUR 10.67

Simms Guide Nipper

The sweetest clipper on the market

EUR 67.37

Tiemco ceramic cutter

Never rusts!

EUR 24.30

Tiemco metal cutter

Super Cutter

EUR 18.77

Tiemco Flyline loop tool

Super Handy Tool

EUR 26.87

Tiemco Keramisk Slibesten Flad

Cearmic Grining stone

EUR 16.20

Tiemco Line dressing pad

Great tool for your lines

EUR 20.12

Tiemco De-barb plier

Pliers for barbs

EUR 29.57

Simms Plier

Duralbe and strog pliers

EUR 188.87

Loon Barb pliers

A super heavy duty set of pliers

EUR 28.22

Gedde Peang - 30 cm

Cheap, strong, and nice peang

EUR 20.25

Loon Rouge Pliers

Loon Rouge Pliers is a great set multipurpose pliers

EUR 33.62

Ketchum Release Tool

Amazing tool for removing hooks

EUR 30.92

Tiemco Stripping guide

Protects your finger

EUR 13.37

Simms Solarflex handske

Keeps your hand safe

EUR 40.37

Waterworks stripping handske

Keeps your hand safe

EUR 17.42

Loon Tippet Stack

Keeps your leadrers in order

EUR 20.12

Loon Magnetic net holder

Keeps your net in place

EUR 33.62

Rio Head case

Perfect storage for your shooting heads

EUR 67.37

Rio Head Wallet

Keeps your lines organized while on the go

EUR 33.62

Simms - Backmagic vadebælte

The best support for your back

EUR 134.87

Simms - Backsaver vadebælte

The best support for your back

EUR 67.37

Simms - Foam Boat patch

Keeps track of your flies

EUR 30.92

Simms - Fractal fly patch

Keeps your flies at hand

EUR 8.78

Simms - Retractor

Keep your favourite tool right at hand

EUR 16.07

Simms headwater Insulated Mug - 0,5 L

Keeps your coffee hot all day

EUR 36.32

Simms - Super fly patch

Fits perfectly on your jacket or waders

EUR 8.78

Simms - Waterproof licensholder

Keeps track of your fishinglicens

EUR 12.02

Simms - Vandtæt Tec Pouch

Waterproof storage

EUR 33.62

Simms - Vandtæt vaderlomme

Waterproof pocket for fishinglicence

EUR 40.37

C&F design Net Releaser

Keeps your net in place and safe

EUR 33.62

Wading Staff Retractor Black

A great retractor from Simms

EUR 29.57

Pro Wading Staff Carbon

The most safe staff on the market

EUR 161.87

Wading Staff Dark Gunmetal

Collapsible Wading Staff

EUR 121.37

Plier Lanyard Simms Orange

A really handy Lanyard

EUR 20.12

Smith Creek - Net Holder

Net holder for you belt

EUR 47.12

Smith Creek - Rod Clip

Handsfree fishing

EUR 33.75
You save 16.39% Price before: EUR 40.37

Smith Creek - Rod Clip

Handsfree fishing

EUR 33.75
You save 16.39% Price before: EUR 40.37

Smith Creek - Spent line wrangler

A great little tool to keep your used lines in check

EUR 22.82

Mp flyline dressing

Gel for your fly lines

EUR 9.32

Scientific Anglers line dressing kit

New life for your lines

EUR 99.00 - Telephone +45 60920874 - E-mail - CVR 38511106
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