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The eel

One of my most used patterns. Black is G R E A T!!!!

EUR 63.71

Articulated Homer

Nice articulated action for pike

EUR 66.55

Pop pike finder, Orange

This is a very good popper!

EUR 46.30

Articulated Hilo

A truly great pattern

EUR 67.23

Pikeeasy (4/0)

Easy and fast pikefly

EUR 37.66

The Molten Core pikefly

A great pike tube fly

EUR 28.89

The Eel pop

One of my most used patterns. Black is G R E A T!!!!

EUR 53.73

EUR 58.18

The Black Hope

This fly have saved my day many times!

EUR 39.55

The Hilo

One of the best pike flies. Ever!

EUR 30.78

Black Hilo

A very good easy pike fly

EUR 27.40

Tube fly leader kit

A kit for making leaders for tubeflies

EUR 34.83

Speckled Valeur baitfish

A truly deadly pattern for pike

EUR 59.53

The bleeding bream

Great colours for pike

EUR 60.48

Kraken pike tubefly

A great pattern for most pike!

EUR 56.56

Purky pike tube fly

A good pattern for murky waters

EUR 55.08

The Hulk popper

A good pike popper pattern

EUR 41.04

Pop pike finder, Pink

A great popper in pink

EUR 41.85

Pike tube start kit

Get started with pike tube flytying

EUR 41.58

Pike wiggletail + rig complete

A starter kit for wiggletails and tube fly

EUR 53.86

Flashpike streamer

One of the most used pikeflies ever!

EUR 30.24

Bleeding Ultra Perch

Chartreuse is a great pike colour

EUR 70.60

The Bastard - Pink (4/0)

Pink is a great colour for pike!

EUR 49.00

Blane Choklett head fly

En bulky pike fly

EUR 63.18

The bonito

A pike/bluewater biggame fly

EUR 57.64

The Perch Easy

A great perch imitation

EUR 42.39

The Bastard pike fly - Chartreuse

A great pattern for pike

EUR 60.48

Geddeflue - The Bastard - Orange

The pike flies in the bastard series are great flies

EUR 63.18

The Rattlesnake

A great, easy and fast pattern

EUR 51.16 - Telephone +45 60920874 - E-mail - CVR 38511106
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